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What to pack? Let us help!

 Clothing (something that can get dirty)
-Gym Shoes
-Old Sandals (for the campground shower)
-Raincoat/Poncho/Umbrella (check the weather)

-Bug Spray
-Bath Soap
-Hand Sanitizer
-Bath Towels
-Toilet Paper (RV or Marine toilet paper for camper)

Kitchen/Cooking Items
-Mixing Bowl
-Measuring Spoons/Cups
-Can opener
-Cooking Utensils (Long spoon/fork/spatula)
-Plates/Napkins/Silverware/Cups/Paper Towels
-Aluminum Foil
-Dishsoap/Towel/Scouring Pads
-Firestarter Log
-Long lighter/Matches
-Hot Dog/Marshmallow Fork (for cooking over the fire)
-Drinking Water
-Coffee/Coffeemaker/Coffee Cups

-Lawn Chairs
-Blankets/Pillows/Sheets/Sleeping Bags
-Extra batteries
-Games (horseshoes, cornhole, frisbee, deck of cards)
-Umbrella or Poncho (depending on the weather forecast)
-EZ Up Canopy for shade
-Citronella Candles
-Tools (Hammer/Ax/Screwdriver)
-Garbage Bags
-Extra Tent Stakes
-Extension Cord
-Small Broom/Dustpan
-Laundry Bag
-Zip Ties (can be used for hanging anything)

Camper Extras
-Sewage Hose
-Fresh Water Hose
-Rubber Gloves
-Deodorizer for black water tank
-Cleaning supplies