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Brookville Lake Mounds

Site B14 is a semi-private site that backs up to the woods with plenty of grassy living space. This site is at the bottom of a loop so you do have a little walk to the bathroom/shower house. G23/G25 - These are good sites. They are level with plenty of grass. They back up to the inside of a loop which is a big grassy field. This is great if you have kids running around. There aren't many trees on these sites so you are in full sun. The loops do sit on a gentle slope so the sites at the bottom may be best if you have little ones riding bikes.

We really like the sites that back up to the center of a loop so you have the field to play in. The only sites we don't like are in the E loop - E22 through E28 are small and on a steeper slope. The A sites are on a busy main road and back up to the top of each loop. The C loop offers full hookup sites.

There is a pond at the bottom of the E loop, along with a pit-toilet bathroom. The pond is stocked for fishing.

We have seen a cleaning crew visit the bathrooms several times during the day. The bathrooms are kept pretty clean and there are plenty of them throughout the campground.

The campground and all site pads are paved. Since there are so many loops in the campground there isn't a whole lot of traffic. Its a great place for kids to ride bikes.

The camp store has campground supplies, grocery items and bait. There is a boat ramp inside the campground that is only for campers to use. They have plenty of places to fish and picnic around the lake, plus quite a few family-friendly hiking trails.

2010 Visit -  We stayed on sites G12, G14 and G15. These were great, level sites. If you are reserving one site, G15 is a really nice site. It rained while we were there and the sites dried up quickly. They back up to a nice field and the woods so its pretty private back there.

Clifty Falls State Park

Clifty Falls may become one of our new favorite campgrounds. There were many nice sites and plenty of activities. They do not have any full-hookup campsites, just electric and a really nice primitive area.

Sites 16-20 are nice, flat with large grass areas. They also back up to the woods so you don’t have anyone behind you. Sites 75, 76, 78, 79, 87 and 88 are great pull-through sites. If you have a large group I would recommend 68-73 or 75-79.

Sites 1-6 are not bad sites, however they are right at the entrance of the campground and there is a lot of traffic right there. Sites 47-50 are not level. I would not recommend these unless you are tent camping. Site 54 has a dumpster sitting right in front of it. Sites 93, 94 and also 101 – 105 are out in the open with no shade and also close to the bathroom. I would not recommend these sites, however they do open up to a nice field for kids to play.

We visited the pool many times during our stay. It was very clean and they have a great water slide for kids and adults. They also have a small baby pool and picnic areas. We did not visit Clifty Inn but have heard many nice things about the accommodations and the restaurant.

We enjoyed the hiking trails at Clifty Falls. There are several trails that go to the falls areas and all of the trails were pretty well marked. You can get a trail map which also tells you how long each hike is. Some of the falls can be seen without hiking too far.

The park also has a nice picnic area at Poplar Grove. There is a big playground, restrooms and covered picnic tables. This is also where several trails begin. Clifty Falls also has a Nature Center which we did not get to see while we were there.

Brown County State Park

Sites 82, 84 and 86 (Buffalo Ridge Electric) are semi-private sites that back up to the woods. They are very well shaded sites that sit back from the main loop so you see less traffic, and you aren't too far from the bathroom/shower house.  Sites 6, 8 and 10 are good level, grassy sites in the main loop; however they are in a high traffic area and there isn't much shade. All sites in the Buffalo Ridge area are paved.

Raccoon Ridge and Taylor Ridge are further back from the main camping area and have mostly dirt surfaces with some grass. Some sites here have gravel pads and some are paved.

They have a nice camp store. On holiday weekends they offer hayrides and children's activities. There is a nice nature center located in the campground also.

They have a large swimming pool in the park about 5 minutes from the campground. There is also several large picnic areas, horse trails and hiking areas in the park.

Little Farm on the River

This campground has two parts. The upper part of the campground is the main part. This is where the pool, camp store/office, dump station, putt-putt and fishing pond are located. The lower part of the campground sits right on the Ohio River. They rent golf carts for around $30 a day. We rented a golf cart, which was really nice when we wanted to drive down to the river to fish (it is too far to walk).

Campsites in the upper part are long but extremely narrow. Your living space is limited.
Upper Part: Sites 1-10 are overlooked by a large apartment complex. Sites 11B-12F are the best sites in this loop. Site 18-22 were very muddy with little grass. There are very few trees in the upper part.
Lower Part: Sites 124 - 152 overlook the river and have large trees for shade. These sites have level, grassy living areas. We would definitely recommend one of these sites. Sites 101-151 are out in the open with minimal shade. The lower part is newer and bathrooms are nicer.

All sites are full-hookup in the upper part and most are in the lower part. The entire campground is pretty level. The firepits are made of a circle of rocks - Beware if you plan on cooking your food over the fire (Make sure to bring a grate). There is a nice playground in each area.

Didn't Like - The pool was free but very dirty. The bathrooms in the main part were also dirty and had no soap the entire weekend. The entire campground is gravel so everything gets really dusty. You also don't get much privacy in the upper part with the narrow sites.

Like - Family atmosphere, activities on weekends, garbage pickup at the site, close to the river, game room, camp store and golf cart rental.

Quakertown State Recreational Area

Quakertown is located on Brookville Lake, located just between Brookville Mounds and Whitewater Memorial State Park.


We stayed on Site 4. This was a very nice site that backed up to woods, but with plenty of grass and it is very flat. Our only complaint is that the firepit is so close to the driveway that our camper awning hung out over the pit. You would have to keep your camper closer to the road in order to use the firepit. Luckily we had friends staying on Site 6 so we just used their firepit. You cannot move the firepits, they are dug down into the ground and have a nice rock bed around them. I would recommend sites 6 and 8 in the first row.


If you are looking for privacy, the sites down in the back loop are best. Sites 38-41 sit down in the circle and there is almost no traffic in this area except for those staying there.

Sites 47, 49, 51, 53 back up to a nice field. Most sites have large grass living areas.


The ‘pit toilets’ were actually nice flush toilets. The bathrooms and showers were clean. This was a great place for family there were many kids camping and everyone was friendly.

I would stay away from the sites that back up to the woods on the back side of the campground. They were mostly dirt surfaces with little or no grass. When it rained they were very muddy. These sites are 67, 69, 71, 73, 74, 83, 85, 87, 88, 90, 92, 94 and 96.


Quakertown had a nice playground area. I would not recommend site 78 unless you want to be right on the playground. There is a beach inside the park, just a short drive from the campground.


The only issue we had while camping here was the electricity going out. We did not see a Campground Host here so we weren’t sure who would notify the DNR that the electricity was out. It went out Saturday night at around 9pm and we didn’t get it back until Sunday at 4pm. There was a storm coming through but I am not sure if that is what caused the outage. It only affected about half of the campground. The DNR did not come around until 9am Sunday to ask if people had electric and start looking into the problem.


Quakertown sits on Brookville Lake. Its just a short drive to any of the Marinas on the lake.

Spring Mill State Park

Sites 1-45 are terrible. We would not recommend staying on any of these sites. They sit back in the woods, and none look level or have any grass.
Sites 91, 114, 150, 158 and 164 are level, grass sites with level gravel pads. Sites 49 and 50 are fairly private sites; however they are close to the dumpsters. Site 86 is a corner site with a level grassy living area. Sites 75-80 are private sites but there is no grass and they are full shade. Sites 167, 169, 185 and 187 are good group sites. Sites 167 and 187 are pull-through sites.

All sites have gravel pads with dirt/grass living areas. There was a rain storm when we were here and every site collects water. Sites were really muddy for the entire weekend. Each site seemed to have close access to a water hookup.

We didn't see any rangers driving around; however we did see an Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) truck pass through the campground several times. They seem very relaxed about the number of cars and tents on a site.

The campground offers hayrides on the weekends. The camp store has grocery items and camping supplies. The staff and campground VIP's were very helpful and accommodating when we had questions.

There are plenty of things to do here. The Gus Grissom Memorial museum is located at the entrance of the park and is free - great rainy day activity. Gus Grissom was from the area and was killed in the Apollo 1 tragedy.  The museum carries many neat artifacts. There is a swimming pool located in the park; close to the campground for $2 a person. The pool was pretty clean and they have a concession stand, basketball courts and a sand volleyball court as well. The park also has a nature center with some neat children's activities. There is a nice boat tour at Twin Caves inside the park. The tour is $3 and takes about 20 minutes.

The Grist Mill Pioneer Village is an area set in the 1800's. The village is free and open from 9-5. You can walk through the buildings and see the rooms set up with 19th century furnishings. In several buildings there are items for purchase and people reenacting the time period. There is also a concession stand and large picnic areas located at the village.

They also have a lodge here that is open year around.

Versailles State Park

The campground consists of 3 loops.

Loop A - The road is very narrow and hilly. Sites 7-12 are pretty small. Sites 13-17 are the best level sites in this loop. Sites 23-28 are also small and close together. Sites 84-95 are not level and pretty muddy.

Loop B - This is our favorite camping area here. All of the sites are level and grassy. Sites 97-104 have a large open area behind them - great for kids to run around. Sites 105-108 are nice and private and back up to the woods. Sites 109-117 are well shaded sites but smaller, and back up to the woods. Site 130 is nice and private. Sites 138-140 are great group sites. Sites 135, 143 and 144 are also good for a group. Sites 161 and 162 are big sites with plenty of shade. Site 170 has a lot of trees, making it hard to pull out an awning or slideout.

Loop C - This loop is not as grassy as B. Sites 191-194 are tent sites only as there is parking at the top and the sites are at the bottom of a small hill. Site 207 is out in the open with no privacy. Sites 182 and 183 are terrible. It rained one weekend and they were completely under water. Click Here to see a picture of site 182.

The roads and sites are paved. The park and campground have plenty of playgrounds. The restrooms are clean and there is one close to pretty much every campsite. There are several trails located in the campground that are kid-friendly.

We have seen campground staff and rangers drive around frequently on weekends. The campground is quiet after 11pm  and they are pretty strict about one car per site. It is a very family friendly campground.

The camp store is not located in the campground so you do have to drive to it. The nature center and camp store are both located next to the lake and pool. They have children's activities here on the weekends. They also rent canoes and we were able to fish off the bank at the lake. You can launch your own boat as long as it has an electric trolling motor.

2010 Visit - We were not as impressed this year with Versailles.  Our sites (143, 135, 136) were extremely muddy and the grass needed to be cut. The puddles on our sites had been there so long there were hundreds of tadpoles swimming in them. 

Whitewater Memorial State Park


Whitewater Memorial is located about 10 minutes from the Brookville Mounds Campground. There are many boat ramps for Brookville located near Whitewater Memorial. This was a large campground spread out over several different camping areas. There are about 300 sites here, and only 3 bath/shower houses. While there are several pit toilets around the campground, some sites are a pretty long walk to the shower house.

Sites – We had sites 138 and 140. These are large, pull-through sites. They have a gravel (level) pad and large grass living area. We really liked these sites and would stay here again.

Sites 121-147 back up to the woods and right behind there is a horse trail. We saw people riding behind there several times during the day.
Sites 150 and 240 back up to each other and would be nice sites if you need two together. Site 79 is a very private site that sits back off the road.
There is a really nice field by the playground equipment. Sites 177 and 178 are directly across from the field and are decent sites. Sites 170-176 are ok, but they do back up to sites 181-187 and you’re pretty close together.
We also liked…Sites 144, 146, 252, 255, 257, 274 and 280.
If you’re looking for a primitive site, 95-99 are very private.

Stay away from these sites….

Site 127 - There is a water supply right on the edge of the site about 5 feet from the fire pit. There is also a water supply at the edge of site 58 that was broken and water was spilling out the entire weekend.
Sites 219-243 - They back up to the woods and are very small with a drop off on the gravel pad. It would be very hard to get a camper into these sites.
Sites 290 and 291 – These are on a hill

Site 287 – Trees surround the pad so this isn’t a good site for a camper with slide outs.

Sites 303, 305, 306 and 307 have mostly dirt (no grass). It looks like they would be pretty muddy if it rained.

There’s a nice general store located in the campground. The saddle barn has pony rides for $3-$5 each day until 5pm. They also offer guided trail rides for around $20. On the weekends they have karaoke, a band and hay rides at the saddle barn.

They have a nice beach with volleyball and plenty of picnic tables. There were also several places to fish around the lake.