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We've completed our tour of the New Winton Woods Campground. The trip was great. It was very relaxing and calm compared to the week before. With the exception of Saturday the weather was perfect. Saturday it was raining lightly all day. We were still able to hang outside. We are going to add a camping/outdoor recipe page soon. Friday we rented a pontoon boat and did some fishing. We toured the entire lake(which is a lot bigger than I expected). The kids loved the waterpark and the ice cream at the concession stand on Friday too. On Saturday we played cards and video games under the protection of the canopies and awnings. When it got late and the rain slowed, we were able to catch a glimpse of some of the local fire work displays(July 4th). On Sunday, we were concerned about our equipment and camper being soaked. We had some breakfast and took a walk to give the stuff some time to dry. We walked half of their bike trail. The bridge going across is really cool. You could look directly down into water. We were able to see several large fish and a couple of big turtles. Make sure to check back for updates to all our pages. We will be updating the Ohio Campground page for more to finish up the 09 version of Winton Woods.

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